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Complete Roofing Service

All Season Roofing will install your new roof with quality and care. Upon shingle removal, we will examine the deck surface for any damage or unsuitable sheathing that requires replacement. We will install all necessary roofing components including, but not limited to, ice/water protector, roof guard, drip edge, metal flashing, proper ventilation etc. We will ensure to install new shingles as per manufacturers recommendations. Caulking will be applied where necessary. All roofing materials will be newly purchased and unused.

We guarantee 100% clean up upon completion. Leaves and debris in the eaves trough will be cleaned out, stains and smudges on finished surfaces will be removed. All debris, nails, old shingles and any other project waste will be removed and disposed of at the appropriate Greater Sudbury landfill site.

Upon completion of work and payment, customers receive a beautifully designed folder with all documentation including copies of estimate, contract, invoice and photos of before, during and after the project.

Metal Roofing

If your looking to upgrade your current roof, metal roofing can be an attractive and/or convenient upgrade. Several metal types can withstand the elements for many years! All Season Roofing is now offering metal roofing services. Ideal roofing materials is our main product. Ideal Roofing has various designs and colors to choose from!

Roof Repairs

It is important to be proactive and keep your roof maintained so when a repair is needed, it can hopefully be resolved quickly and at a reasonable price. These minor repairs will help maintain the integrity of your roof and decrease the need for major repairs. Below are some examples of roof issues that can and do occur, but if caught early enough, will not be a burden on your roof or your wallet!

Leaks: There are many reasons for a rook leak to occur. Over time, weather conditions could cause roofing material to get bitter and break. It could be due to excess moisture accumulating from a gutter leaking onto the roof. Debris may be trapping water which then leaks into the roof itself.

Missing shingles: After a strong storm with lots of wind, it's important to inspect the roof for signs of missing shingles. Missing shingles can be an eyesore, but more importantly they provide a layer of protection and are an important part of the roof.

Flashing: Flashing seals areas of the roof where there is change, as in where the roof joins a dormer or a chimney. If flashing is not installed properly, it could slip out of place and expose seams. This could lead to leaks in the roof.

These repairs can be made quickly and quite easily if done by a professional. All Season Roofing guarantees to provide quality roofing repairs. Call us today to receive a free estimate and get the repairs done expertly and promptly.

Roof Shoveling

Is the snow load on your roof too much? Homeowners be aware of the potential dangers of shoveling or raking snow from your roof. Besides the potential damage to the roofing materials and structure, there are other factors such as a person sliding off the roof, falling off the ladder, overexerting themselves, or injury from snow sliding on top of them. 

Please hire a professional to remove the snow from your roof.

We do an inspection of your residence to locate all windows to prevent any damage from snow falling. All snow thrown to the ground will be moved away from the house. We ensure gas meters, exhaust pipes, etc. are not covered. Porch and balconies will be cleared as well.

Ice Removal

Any icicles or ice build-up on your roof should be taken seriously. It can be a sign of bigger issues inside the roof. Snow melts for two reasons, sun or heat escaping from your home. In both cases, the water will fall to the lowest point on your roof and, in most cases, will freeze as icicles and ice dams. The refreezing of water has a damming effect creating a bigger ice dam behind it. Continuous feeding of the ice dam by snow melting and refreezing may cause significant damage to the roof as well as the interior of your home.

We will remove snow and ice dams while also inspecting your roof for damage caused by the melting and refreezing of snow. We will locate the location of heat loss and offer solutions and the costs to solve this issue and prevent it from reoccuring.

Roof Inspections

Whether it's for your insurance provider or for your own piece of mind, All Season Roofing will provide you with a comprehensive roof inspection. We will look for leaks, unusual wear and tear, damage caused by windblown debris, organic growth issues and problems that may have occurred during shingle installation or repairs. Our roof inspection includes structure, materials, interiors and workmanship.

Structural inspection: We will check for uneven roof planes and signs of sagging, examine the condition of the soffit, fascia and gutter system. Chimneys will be inspected for cracks, crumbling and damage to chimney caps. We will check the venting in your attic to ensure proper venting to prevent heat and moisture build-up.

Material inspection: We will look for loose, missing or curling shingles. We also look for stains, moss, rust and missing flashing or fasteners. We will check the rubber flashing and seals around vent pipes for gaps or deterioration.

Interior Inspection: We will inspect your interior ceilings, attic, walls for water stains, mold, rot and other signs that water may be making its way into your home.

Workmanship: We will examine your roof for problems due to workmanship. Incorrect flashing around roof penetrations- including vent pipes, skylights and chimneys- would not be good signs.

Metal Roofing: We look for lifting tin/panels, loose or missing fasteners/screws and seams, water stains and rust, any corrosion/deterioration/cracks or damaged areas, damaged eaves or debris on roof, general structural weakness. We inspect exterior and interior walls for expansion/contraction, cracks/deterioration and moisture stains.

Upon completion of the roof inspection, you will receive a detailed report about the condition of your roof as well as what repairs are necessary, if any. Pictures of all areas of your roof will be provided with the report. 

Emergency Services

All Season Roofing is available 24/7 all year round for emergency inquiries. We assess the situation and will perform temporary or permanent repairs immediately. Please give us a call and we will assist you as quickly as possible.


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